Brother Ayouba & The Blazing Cornerstones

A Conqueror's Journey

Brother Ayouba is part of a new wave of young visionary artists on the rise. He is a man of many talents: a producer, band leader, prolific songwriter, vibrant performer, and engaged activist. this rennaissance man is true to his African origins and saddened by the socio-political decadence plaguing our world today.

Instilled with wisdom and fortitude from an early age, Ayouba credits his religious upbringing for providing him a firm moral foundation. His parents, who were devout religious people, ensured that their children received spiritual guidance and insight. They believed that inner strength can guide you through this physical world and allow you to take on life no matter what the situation. To this very day, Brother Ayouba has remained true to the noble character and resilient attitude his parents helped him form.

After political and social tensions led him to flee the Ivory Coast, his mother country, he sought asylum in the U.S, where he strove to further and complete his education in arts and letters, studying english, german and philosophy.

Ayouba aspired to be a translator, a french teacher, a social commentator or a professioal soccer player. As a master in martial arts, he has won the California state and U.S. gold medal in tae kwon do (Korean martial arts).

His albums will surely be considered classics in due time. All written, produced and arranged by him, these albums showcase his unique and attractive style, wether he is accompanied by his whole band ("the Blazing Cornerstones") or with just an acoustic guitar. His lyrics are catchy, he has a strong stage presence, his wording is poetic, and his chanting is mystical. To see or hear Ayouba perform is a delight both for your eyes and your ears.

As an international artist, Brother Ayouba constantly tours in Africa and the U.S. His ability to sing in three languages; french, english and dioula; has won him audiences all over. This roots & cultured rastaman professes words of wisdom and enlightenment through true and authentic reggae beat. Grounded in philosophy & religion, brother Ayouba is likely to bring about a supreme musical vibration and will surely be regarded as an icon of reggae music.